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Qasim Mueen

Qasim is the CEO and co-founder of FraudLens. He recognizes that the changes affecting healthcare cause a large number of problems and uncertainties that can be solved by innovative solutions. Using the knowledge and experience from 8 years building Enterprise Financial Applications for PNC Financial, a deep knowledge of AI and 8+ years of entrepreneurial experience, he formed FraudLens to solve the healthcare fraud, waste and abuse challenges. The company’s priority is to produce the best solution to detect and prevent healthcare fraudulent activities in real-time.

Kashif Mueen

Kashif is the CTO for FraudLens. He has 15+ years of experience as Enterprise Architect in corporations like MSA and Verizon. As the CTO & Co-Founder of an IPTV startup, he was responsible for the entire architecture, R&D, prototyping, product and platform development. Like his brother Qasim, he shares the belief that a thoughtful and creative software company can convert the complexity of healthcare data into intuitive and easy to use solutions that frees the humans within the healthcare chain to do the things that only humans can do, like direct care of patients. Let the computers do the drudge work of data grinding.

Franklin M Din, DMD, MA

Frank is Chief Medical Information Officer for FraudLens and is responsible for developing advanced healthcare data analytic and business intelligence solutions. He brings experience, expertise, and knowledge in clinical care, healthcare policy, forensics, and biomedical Informatics, to lead a team of software engineers, HIT experts, visualization and user interface developers to provide a unique approach to data analytic solutions. Prior to joining FraudLens, Frank worked for HP Enterprise Service as Executive Director of the Medical Informatics Center of Excellence (MICOE) and as the Medical Informaticist for the Global eHealth Strategy team.

Javed Iqbal

Javed obtained a MCS in Computer Science from University of Arid Agriculture, Rawalpindi Pakistan and is a Technical Lead for FraudLens and is liable for developing intelligent Healthcare solutions. He takes knowledge to build solution as per necessities and make sure the on time delivery of quality products with closely under a parasol of FraudLens CMIO. Prior to join FraudLens, Javed worked as Lead Software Engineer for 5 years in Allainet Pvt. Ltd and is responsible for planning, processing and performing all jobs in an efficient manner, design and develop systems making specific determinations about system performance.

Board of Advisors
Steven Keller

Dr. Steven Keller has been a recognized leader in the dental insurance industry for over thirty-five years. He was the Founder, and served as President, of Consumer Dental Care Co., one of the first DHMO's in the Mid-Atlantic area, since its inception in 1980. After the company's acquisition by DentaQuest in 2001, Steve served as DentaQuest's Vice President of Business Development until 2009, leading all merger and acquisition initiatives, along with developing strategic alliances. During his tenure, the company grew from 2 million to 14 million members. After retiring in 2009, Steve grew a bit restless, and returned to work in 2013 as an independent Dental Industry Consultant. Since then, he has successfully represented both Buyers and Sellers of dental insurance companies and has completed several transactions. He has used his industry insight and broad network of key insurance executives to assist numerous clients in connecting with the right audiences for their products. Dr. Keller is highly regarded as an expert on the myriad issues surrounding dental benefits, along with the critical relationship between dental insurers and practicing dentists. He served on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Dental Plans (NADP), was Chairman of their Membership Commission for many years, and received the NADP Gabryl Award as the individual who most embodies the spirit of volunteerism in the industry.